Strange Waters #1:H2Om- Water Infused with Intention

We have discussed in previous posts the extravagance of bottled water, yet it clearly has appeal to many. What is its charm and attraction? We look at different waters and try to figure it out.

First up: we introduce H2OM- water infused with intention, available in love and perfect health infusions. "Water registers and faithfully transmits any frequency it is exposed to. In fact, scientific studies have proven that water is directly effected by the words, sounds and thoughts it is exposed to. Water exposed to loving words and music showed brilliant, and complex crystallized patterns under the microscope at near freezing temperatures." The makers of H2Om take spring water from the San Diego Mountains and infuse it with distinctive energetic frequencies.


"The First is the vibrational frequency of the label. The use of words, symbols and colors on the label. Each bottle contains the symbol of the Absolute " Om ". It also contains the vibratory word "Love" or "Perfect Health" written on the label in many of the world's languages. A specific color vibration has also been chosen for each bottle, this color coordinates with the corresponding chakra.

The next energetic frequency is introduced to the water through the power of sound and music. After the bottling process is complete, we charge the water in the storage facility with sound and music with intent.

The final energetic frequency is the power of thought. The consumer's ability to connect to the water and literally, "Drink" the vibration inspired and supported by the words on the label. This not only reverberates in their body, but out into the world as well. It also brings about an awareness that connecting with your food and water is a sacred grateful act." ::H2Om water via ::Strange New Products

Strange Waters #1:H2Om- Water Infused with Intention
First up: we introduce H2OM- water infused with