Stand In Line (Joyfully) At The World's Longest Toilet Queue for World Water Day! (Video)

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Image via The World Toilet Queue

This might just be the one time you don't mind standing in line to use the restroom, and it's all thanks to World Water Day and a smart project called The World Toilet Queue. Oh yes, it might have felt like a world record for holding your bladder the longest the last time you were waiting for a free portapotty at that music festival last summer, but this is your chance to be part of a legit attempt at a Guinness World Record, and you'll be doing some good at the same time by helping create solutions for the global water crisis. Sounds intriguing, right? Check out how to take part after the jump

As The World Toilet Queue project points out, politicians from across the globe will gather in Washington DC on 23 April 2010, at the first ever High-Level Meeting on Sanitation and Water to discuss what they need to do to fulfill some of the most basic rights of the world's citizens - access to a safe toilet and clean water. To encourage them to act, The World's Longest Toilet Queue is trying to show how much we all care about this issues, hence the mobilization effort to get masses of people to do what we normally hate doing - waiting in line to pee.

Find a queue near you, and go stand in line! Or if there isn't one near by, you can start your own.

world toilet queue screenshot image

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