Solar Solutions´ AquaPak: Inexpensive, Water Purifier

TreeHugger plays matchmaker?
AquaPlastics meet AquaPak – I think you two might have something in common… A recent post from C.Lepisto introduced TreeHuggers to the European plastics firm with a mission to provide safe drinking water to rural populations in Africa and Asia. Today we got word on another water warrior, Solar Solutions the company that is producing AquaPak. This clever device uses solar heat to pasteurize water and can produce up to four gallons a day, enough safe drinking water for a small family. These gadgets are not only easy to use (a small wax indicator melts when the water meets the appropriate temp.) they are designed to be manufactured for as little as one dollar (US) each. Made of durable (but probably not recyclable) polyethylene, AquaPaks will last for three years of continued use. Maybe AquaPlastics and Solar Solutions should get together for coffee? [By Erin Oliver] *more pics in extended