Solar Powered "Swater" Concept Collects and Purifies Water In the Desert

swater water image

Images via Yanko Design

Ways to gather water in arid places has grabbed the attention of designers more often lately, and the newest concept to come on the radar is the Swater, by designers Chun Yen Tsao and Hsing-Tan Yang. The idea is a small basin that collects water and uses solar power to purify what is collected. Could a field of these provide water enough for a village?

swater water image

Yanko Design writes, "What Swater does is use sunlight to collect clean distilled water from the condensation that builds up inside of the device. It's eco friendly and probably will one day save the entire world."

Well, we don't know about the whole "save the entire world" thing but it is certainly an interesting idea. Some of the other concepts we've seen are similar, like the beetle-inspired dew bank concept that collects and traps morning condensation, or the much-less-likely-to-happen inverted pyramid called WatAir.

The simpler the technology, the better for developing areas since the possibility of repairing or replacing components is slim. Because of that, the solar powered part of this project is the main concern. However, a gathering and purifying system in one small package is a good idea for drinkable water where there aren't any natural sources other than the air itself.

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