Six Infrastructure Projects to Save 1.3 Billion Gallons of Water in Australia

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Australia is no stranger to tight water supplies, and fortunately that means smart water conservation strategies are being devised all the time. Australia is leading the way in everything from strategies to combat desertification to using renewable energy for desalination plants, and now it is putting that knowledge to work on six new infrastructure projects that can save 1.3 billion gallons of water. Circle of Blue reports that in Australia's New South Wales, six projects are set to save the state an estimated five billion liters of water a year.

The Murray River provides 70% of the total water used in Australia, and NSW draws the most from the river. But the river's health is faltering, and with the intense droughts felt across the continent, saving water wherever possible is an absolute must.

The new projects are set to increase the amount of recycled water used across the state -- currently NSW uses around 7.1 billion gallons of recycled water for industrial, agricultural and household used. The government has allocated $17 million (USD) for the projects, which include boosting the amount of recycled water used for irrigation, storm water capture and reuse, revving up the capacity of water recycling plants, and improving the water pipeline infrastructure.

From the Government Monitor, Minister for Water Senator Penny Wong says, "Urban water supplies are under increasing pressure from changing population patterns and the emerging effects of climate change... We know we have to use water more wisely. These projects are all about assisting local communities and businesses secure water supplies in a future with less water."

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