Sinking Ship Could Hold Dangerous Cargo


A ship called the New Flame is stranded off Gibraltar after an accident, and is soon going to be deliberately sunk. Efforts to remove all existing fuel from the ship have thankfully succeeded, but the ship's cargo is the next biggest worry. It is thought that at the time of the accident, the New Flame was loaded with many tonnes of old exhaust pipes, which may date back to lead-gasoline use. As well as this potential lead contamination, there is a worry about the other heavy metals that are contained in exhaust pipes.

Environmental groups are asking for the official cargo list to be released, so that the situation can be assessed more accurately. The ship is resting in the Strait of Gibraltar, one of the busiest shipping routes in the world. If there is any pollution leakage, then it could easily reach the shores of North Africa or Southern Europe. ::Auto Blog Green