Sigg's American Water Bottle Distributor Bankrupt

Sigg bottle photo

Sigg Bottle photo by StromBer (Wikipedia Commons)
Two years ago we asked TreeHugger readers, if, in light of revelations that Sigg aluminum water bottled had actually contained Bisphenol-A (BPA) linings, would they be returning their bottles. 200 said they would. But they were just the tip of a huge iceberg of US customer dissatisfaction for in the end 306,371 bottles were returned to Sigg for replacement with newer non-BPA bottles.

A couple of months ago Sigg's US distributor filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection saying they'd lost millions of dollars in decreased sales.
Katy Stech writing for The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones has more on the story, and you should check out some of our many posts on the saga (below) to see how it all came to this.

But this is a salient reminder that fibbing to your customers about the greenness of your product or service is likely to bite you in the posterior.

Although with some savvy business manoeuvring, little will change for North American Sigg customers, as the distribution of bottles from the 108 year Swiss parent company will be transferred to Canada. It is just the US distributor who will cease supply of the product.

This is admittedly old news, by a month or so, but somehow we missed it at the time, so thought it worth recording alongside our other Sigg and BPA posts, some of which are noted below.

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