Should Food Labelling Show Water Footprint?


The size of food product packaging may have to increase, not contract, if recent thinking on providing more information on environmental impacts was to be enacted. We've heard about carbon labelling for food in the UK, now an Australia academic is proposing also adding water impact labelling to the mix.

Speaking from last week's Water Down Under conference in Adelaide, James Hazelton, a senior economics lecturer from Macquarie University, floated the concept of packaged food carrying a label indicating how much water was used in its production."Most of our water usage is embedded in the products we use, rather than drinking or showers and in the garden and so on." He said. Referring to the UK carbon labelling and water efficiency labels for the likes of washing machines, he pondered, "Could we have a similar scheme for embedded water in the products that we buy?"

"The majority of water consumption is by agricultural industries and in particular things like rice and also meat production," he said. "I think perhaps if consumers knew the quantities of water embedded in those products they might question or they might change their purchasing decisions." via The Australian, and the ABC

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