Savior Bud Sucks Moisture From Trees for Drinking Water

savior bud moisture collector image

Image via Yanko

For dry areas, every drop of drinking water is important. Moisture collectors are a big help, and this concept design, modestly called the Savior Bud, is one idea to help gather up moisture from a tree's respiratory process and create drinking water. Shown off at Yanko Design, the Savior Bud - designed specifically for African landscapes - is hung from a tree branch with the tree's leaves inside. It collects the moisture expelled from the leaves.

savior bud moisture collector image

The process goes like this:

1. Find a broadleaf tree with lots of leaves.

2. Opening the Savior Bud like a giant clamp, surround a few leaves, and release. The Savior Bud should now be containing the leaves like you see in the picture below, sort of like a greenhouse.

3. In about four hours, the leaves will have produced about one cup of water. Turning the bottom of the bud like a faucet will release the water to be put into a separate container for drinking.

An obvious issue is hanging the device from a tree that won't also expel any toxins along with moisture.

savior bud moisture collector image

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