Recycling Bath Water Easily: The Ban Beater


From the U.K., comes this handy device called the "Ban Beater". It is a large siphon with hoses attached, and it's used to suck up all the used "greywater" in a bath. The inventor, Dominic Flinton, says that one simple upward pull will start the siphon action, and fill the hose until the bath runs dry. You can then take the "Ban Beater" outside and water your garden or wash your car with the greywater you've collected. Flinton was inspired to create the device during the recent periods of drought in England. This device allowed him to water his garden during periods of water restriction.

The Ban Beater is made of recycled plastic piping and is fitted with a copper and chrome handle that is pulled to create a vacuum which siphons the greywater.

It's selling for £39.99.

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