Rachelle Begley Tells The World's Most Un-Funny Water Joke

When it comes to the water crisis, there's little to laugh about. And Rachelle Begley hit humorlessness on its head with this joke. She's not the only celebrity trying to bring water issues to everyone's attention. Check out some of our other favorite celebs working to make this joke completely pointless.

Alyssa Milano is doing a ton for water awareness, much of it through that little known platform, Twitter. She raised over $92,000 with the social networking tool, all for clean water.

Scott Harrison was well known before he launched charity:water but because of the movement he created, he's become a full fledged celeb - at least in the green world. Because of him, millions of dollars have been raised and wells drilled all over Africa, bringing clean drinking water to thousands.

Matt Damon turns eyes - and now he turns them toward water with the launch of his non-profit Water.org, which already has projects in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Bangladesh, India, Philippines, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

And You - you're definitely a celebrity in your own right. You can make a big difference too. And you can start by studying up on how to make the smallest water footprint in your own home. Find out how to create your perfect green home with these tips.

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