Pee in the Shower. Save the Rainforest

Water stories have a strange ability to create a deluge across the world's media. Last month it was the village of Bundanoon who voted to become Australia's First Bottled Water Free Town. Now it's a Brazilian environment group, SOS Mata Atlantica, who are encouraging their citizens to pee in the shower, and save 4,380 liters (1,157 gallons) of water annually per household.

And not just with a press release, but also with very cute television ad campaign. The absolutely delightful cartoon advert shows all manner people from the Statue of Liberty to Gandhi to a frog piddling in the shower. There's even a psycho shower scene. It's so cute we imagine it might even have Brazilian kids begging their parents to let them take a shower. TThe group behind the advert is SOS Mata Atlantica, a 23 year old Brazilian non-profit private organization, with no political or religious affiliations, which works for the protection of the Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlantica), one of the richest sets of ecosystems in terms of biodiversity, and also considered one of the most threatened with extinction on the planet. They work in the areas of: public policies; campaigns; documentation, information and communication for conservation; environmental education and good citizenship; institutional development; and sustainable development, protection and handling of ecosystems.

This 'pee in the shower' campaign has its own website in Portuguese. But the message is universal, which might be why the story has been picked by media outlets the globe over.

Fellow TH Writer Sami is going to be so p*ssed, so to speak, that he missed this story. He hates seeing urine wasted as it is flushed down the toilet. Check out his post Is Peeing in Public Green?. Of course, he rightly prefers that we capture all that valuable nitrogen and phosphorus and put it to good use. As fertiliser and soil improver.

Now if you can't fertilise your garden as Sami does, and aren't so thrilled about the idea of your toes briefly sharing some yellow water in the shower, fret not. Just followed the sage of advise of: "If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down."

SOS Mata Atlantica (English Page), as spied at ABC and WTOP.

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