One-Flippered Green Sea Turtle Gets A New Wetsuit

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We just talked about the awful statistic that 1/3 of Leatherback turtles have plastic in their digestive systems. Man-made materials like that have generally been the bane of turtles and other sea life. But there is one instance in which a carbon-fiber swim suit is really helping out a one-flippered green sea turtle named Allison. 5-year-old Allison, a rescue turtle, has just one flipper, which makes swimming in circles easy. But that can get old. So researchers at Sea Turtle, Inc. fitted here with a swim suit made of neoprene with a carbon-fiber dorsal fin that helps her swim a little more effectively in a direction other than around-and-around.

Sea Turtle Inc. curator Jeff George said turtles with only one flipper are usually euthanized because they would struggle to reach the surface for air. Two-flipper turtles can be adopted by zoos and three-flipper turtles can be returned to the wild.

Luckily for Allison, she's well loved and her new suit makes her cohorts green with jealousy.

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