Ocean Motion: California Paddle Points At Pollution


Talk about synchronicity. Just finished the post on human-powered journeys and another pops up. This time we find Tom Jones paddling the length of California. That’s standing on a 14ft paddleboard and and stroking down 1250 miles of coastline over three months. Tom isn’t just doing this because it hasn’t been done before (we wonder why?), but because he has something to say. He wants folk to learn that the United Nations calculate that our oceans are filled with 5.76 million tons of plastic.

Enough, Tom reckons, to cover 2/3rd of California. And if we keep using plastic at the same rate we are today, we'll enough to cover the entire state by 2014. So he is campaigning under the banner of The Campaign for a Plastic-Free Ocean, hoping to change corporate, government and individual behaviour to reduce the pollution and restore the ocean. About half way along his human powered journey, Tom is also only half along on his fund-raising target too. ::California Paddle 2007, via tip from Toby H. See images of the environmental problems caused by marine plastic pollution at Algalita Marine Research Foundation site, one of Tom Jones’ resource pages.

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