No Wet Waterless Carwash


No Wet is a product that was developed in the US over a decade ago. With Australia experiencing the worst drought since the arrival of white civilisation, it is no wonder that a Waterless Car Wash product should attract interest. Although licensed from the American manufacturer and repackaged in South Australia, there has been talk of securing the rights to make the product locally down under. Essentially it is made of 17 different elements, of which the main players are Carnaubra Wax and Kaolin Clay. Indeed all of the recipes ingredients are said to be natural. It is claimed not to contain petroleum distillates (kerosene), silicone, abrasives, or other harmful chemicals. Apparently it works because the wax acts as an emulisifier and encapsulater of dust and dirt particles. This lifts them off the surface paint, where they can be wiped away with a polishing cloth. The suggestion is that a 32oz (1 litre) bottle of the stuff will wax, wash, polish and seal well over a dozen cars, which normally might’ve used thousands of gallons of water to wash. And we’re told you end up a showroom sheen on your metal chariot. No Wet Australia has been establishing the business over the past few years. Given that many Australian metropolitan and rural cities have imposed water restrictions limiting the volume of water used to clean cars, their timing seems very opportune. Available both as a DIY or a fully serviced product. ::No Wet Australia