New Research Submersibles Open Up Ocean Exploration

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We've only explored about 5% of the ocean. There's a lot to be learned but getting down to the bottom of it, literally, is a difficult task. New high tech submersibles could open up the ocean for exploration that can teach us about the mysteries of the deep for marine and climate science...but also for mining and drilling. Popular Science reports that engineers are looking at the deep diving subs we already have and figuring out how to make them even better, with stronger batteries and better lights.

The new vehicles will be great for climate science. But also will open up the ocean floors - indeed about 98% oceans in their entirety - to those interested in mining for minerals or drilling for energy sources. Will getting to the deepest reaches of the ocean be worth it if the sea floor becomes a place to extract rather than explore?

It would certainly be an expensive task, no matter what. The article points out one engineer's sub runs for several million dollars, and would work for both government sponsored scientific exploration as well as private exploration.

The article is very in depth and goes into the details about the updated subs. It's a great read - click through to check it out.
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