New Maps Hope to Slow San Francisco Bay Wastewater Spills

san francisco wastewater map image

Map via QUEST

San Francisco's Bay is the site of too many sewage spills, making the public and city leaders look carefully at how wastewater is managed. QUEST has done a bit of investigating and shows us not only why wastewater spills are something to take seriously, but also what is being done to fix the situation. Click through to watch.
QUEST on KQED Public Media.

Keeping tabs on spills is important not only to track the health of an ecosystem, but also to put pressure on authorities to boost maintenance on infrastructure and diligence around their use.

Our timing couldn't have been better; just this month, the State Water Resource Control Board released its own set of interactive spills maps. These maps, which are updated every 24 hours, show the locations and details of any wastewater spills that come from the sewer lines that lead to the plants. The State's map does not include any spills from wastewater (sewage) treatment plants themselves, however — luckily that's exactly what we've been working on!

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