Netafim: How To Be A Drip

Supplying gardens water when and where they need it most makes plants and the planet happy. That’s been the business of Israeli drip irrigation company Netafim for the past 40 years. Drip irrigation was once a simple concept of connecting pipes and supplying water straight to the roots in order to avoid loss of water from evaporation. (It’s drats though for us TreeHugger kids who love to jump through sprinklers!). Thanks to companies such as Netafim, the business of drip irrigation has gone high tech and branched out across the world.

Planning to build house and garden and looking for a smart way to irrigate to your plants? Netafim provides solutions from high tech corporate farms to traditional family owned farms in developing countries. Netafim's product offerings run the gamut. * Drippers and dripperlines for varying topographies and climates.
* High precision sprinklers and micro sprinklers, foggers satisfying a variety of irrigation and crop requirements.
* Electric / hydraulic valves, smart valve-control systems, versatile solenoid / hydraulic operated systems.
* Computerized irrigation offering powerful, rugged, and easy-to-operate irrigation controllers, wireless monitoring and control systems, and computer-operated fertilizer injection systems.
* Greenhouse technology: structures, climate control, irrigation and growing systems, turnkey, tailor-made and upgrade projects.

Besides, wet banana-sliding in the summer down the neighbour’s hill is way more fun than jumping through sprinklers anyway. ::See related ::Netafim

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