Nalgene and Davis, CA Launch City-Wide Bottled Water Swapout

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Nalgene is working with the City of Davis, CA to reduce its carbon footprint, starting with reducing its use of bottled water. Nalgene plans to donate reusable water bottles to all city employees and community members and is using this momentum to create a community sustainability program.

Davis, CA was already headed down the ban-the-bottle road when fall 2007 it enacted a city-wide restriction of the purchase of single-serving plastic water bottles. Additional Nalgene bottles can be purchased, with proceeds going to fund the Davis Sustainability Program. Davis, CA is the first community in the Nalgene Community Sutainability Program, with additional communities to be announced this fall. Davis benefits from its location - between Sacramento and San Francisco, CA - as well as having a major university (UC Davis) located in the city. UC Davis is a member of the California Climate Action Registry, a group of organizations

Nalgene dumped Bisphenol A from its water bottles earlier this year. Cities interested in joining the Nalgene Community Sustainability Program can send an email to the program.

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