Must be Something in the Water

March 22 is World Water Day, and given how many Treehugger writers are all wet about the stuff, we thought we would make it a focus in the weeks leading up to it. The New York Times did a big article today on bottled water so it might be a good place to start- the first of a flood of posts where we will go deep.


Actually, Not.

Much of the times article is based on the Earth Policy Institute report we covered here, but they also did a taste test of bottled vs municipal water, and guess what won- Dasani, the bottled tap water from Coca-Cola. Why? "It was described as "sweet but fresh," and other mostly adoring adjectives. Jim Shepherd, Dasani's group director of research and development, says that Coca-Cola tested Dasani in hundreds of focus groups until it hit on a markedly crisp quality, achieved by adding magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride and sodium chloride to purified municipal water." ie- do what the fast food joints do- fill it with salt. Read more at ::New York TImes

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