Michael's Genuine Delivers Genuine Tap Water, Flat or Bubbly

natura water filter image

apologies for fuzzy photography

Charles Bell of Michael's Genuine restaurant in Miami's Design District says they used to sell thousands of cases of bottled water, but now they just give it away- triple filtered, flat or sparking, room temperature or cold, filtered in a Natura machine and served in lovely refillable decanters. "Other restaurants actually charge for it," says Charles, "but this is the right thing to do."

michaels genuine interior photo

As Jess noted in Planet Green's Green City Guide: Miami, Michael's Genuine's food is "homemade, unpretentious, delectable, with an emphasis on local and organic ingredients."

Charles Bell notes that they had many reasons for getting rid of bottled water, including the carbon footprint of shipping the bottled water and the amount of waste generated by it.

natura process image
As described by April in her water filter overview, "The Natura system is an on-site filter system that takes local tap water and passes it through carbon to remove dirt, rust, chlorine, and other impurities, and then through a disinfection chamber to kill 99% of microorganisms and germs - then chills it and carbonates if desired." I enjoyed the flat water (not knowing that sparkling was free) and found it to taste a lot better than straight out of the Miami tap.

Congratulations to Michael Schwartz, Charles Bell and Michaels Genuine- what they gave up in revenue by going off the bottle, they have gained in goodwill.

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