Man to Live Underwater for 2 Weeks

Marine biologist Lloyd Godson is attempting a brave experiment to investigate sustainable living. He's going to live in a sealed box for two weeks, which will be placed underwater. The experiment is taking place near Albury-Wodonga, in Australia.

Godson will be cultivating algae both as a food source, and to produce oxygen. He will also have electricity via a stationary bike that he's using as a generator.

The air supply is the most important part of the experiment, "We've got some gas monitors and back-up air supplies to make sure that the air quality stays at a high standard. If it doesn't then that's when I'll implement my back-up strategy." This strategy is, presumably, to get out of the box.

By sealing the box he is making a powerful statement, that much of what a human needs comes from a reciprocal cycle with nature. In the modern world we need to remember that the availability of air is reliant on plants, and isn't some commodity that can be bought in a supermarket.

Man to Live Underwater for 2 Weeks

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