London Restoring Water Fountains, Giving Citizens Free Drinking Water

trafalgar square drinking fountain photo

Photo via Maurice via Flickr Creative Commons

When did water fountains become more of a novelty than an expectation in urban areas? And when did their restoration become news? It seems to say something about the state of free clean drinking water in cities - perhaps we've realized we've gone too far towards bottled water and are finally, finally making our way back to the tap. Either way, London has restored a drinking fountain in famous Trafalgar Square, and hopes that it starts a trend of renovating fountains across the city, returning free clean water to citizens who are out and about enjoying their public spaces.Edie reports, "Visitors to Trafalgar Square can now drink from a fountain originally installed in 1960 by the Metropolitan Drinking Fountain Association. The granite and brass water fountain on the east side of Trafalgar Square has been restored to full working order, retaining its original features with brand new water pipes."

This restored fountain joins up with another recently opened new fountain across town in Hyde Park, a beautiful structure that is already a hit with kids.

London Mayor Boris Johnson (recently making news as being a cycling hero) stated, ""Many old drinking fountains lie dormant and I hope this newly restored feature helps to untap a new trend in civic planning."

A press release from the city states that the Mayor is looking at more ways to bring drinking fountains back across London as part of a way to improve public spaces.

We're excited to hear that free clean drinking water for everyone is going to be a trend, as that will encourage people to ditch the bottled water and carry a canteen, since refilling it will be easier and more convenient. Perhaps the city will also create an app like TapIt so citizens can quickly find fountains for refilling their containers.

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