Lipstick On A Pig Dept.: Fiji Water Goes Green


That object of much TreeHugger abuse, Fiji Water, is announcing today that it is going carbon negative; according to the New York Times it plans to more than make up for the greenhouse gases released in the creation, transportation and sales of its product.

"Our existence has been a strong net positive for the economy of Fiji, and we don't want to be any less than that on climate change," said Thomas Mooney, who in July was named Fiji Water's first senior vice president for sustainable growth.

They are installing a wind turbine to run the bottling plant, shipping to the east coast instead of trucking across the country, using biodiesel in their delivery trucks and reducing the plastic and cardboard in their packaging. They are also pledging money to protect the watershed where they get their water.

Nice try, but we agree with Michael Brune of the Rainforest Action Network: "Bottled water is a business that is fundamentally, inherently and inalterably unconscionable. No side deals to protect forests or combat global warming can offset that reality." ::New YorkTimes

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