Like Food, Half of our Water is Wasted

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Why does France use so much water for its food?

Jeremy previously wrote about how half of all the food produced in the world is wasted; now a new report from the Stockholm International Water Institute says that water waste is just as extreme. To produce the $48 billion in food that is wasted each year in the United States took ten trillion gallons of water. ::PDF of Report Here

So often our readers insist that population control is the only way to ensure that we can feed the world's population, but really, it is the same as energy- get rid of the waste, improve efficiency and it goes a long way toward solving the problem. Andrew Revkin writes in the New York Times:

"One way or another, it’s clear that improved efficiency in food production and water use will be needed in a world of growing populations seeking decent lives. As the new report explains, more than a billion people now live in areas with insufficient water. Rising demand for agricultural products that require large amounts of water, particularly beef cattle and biofuel crops, is adding to shortages." ::New York Times
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