Lifesaver Water Purifier Makes TED Audience Say "Eeeeew"

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"Using current thinking, the scale of the problem just seems too huge to contemplate solving...Through thinking differently, the problem has been solved." says Michael Pritchard, inventor of Lifesaver water purifier. Here, he demonstrates how the Lifesaver works - with particular emphasis on the filth it can filter - but more importantly, demonstrates the scale of problem around drinkable water and the possibilities around solving a problem that right now seems unsolvable, and is only getting bigger thanks to climate change. Click through to watch.

The availability of drinkable water is a growing problem. Already, millions of people are suffering from diseases caught through dirty water. As fresh water sources are increasingly polluted around the world, and as resources shrink and polluted sources are all that's left, solutions like Lifesaver will become vital as a part of improving daily living.

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