Kor One Water Bottles Support Water Causes

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For this Earth Day, you just might be resolving to ditch plastic bottles and instead use a quality reuseable water container. Kor One is hoping so anyway, and they're launching water bottles in specific colors, each of which helps out a specific water-related cause.

KOR donates 1% of all sales to a select group on non-profits that focus on water-related issues. Our goal is not only to provide much-needed funds to these organizations, but to engage our customers on issues such as recycling, watershed protection and the global water crisis.

1% isn't a huge chunk, but it's far better than nothing. Each color is associated with a certain cause:
Blue supports ocean protection via The Algalita Marine Research Foundation
Green supports watershed protection via The Wetlands Initiative
Orange supports bottle container recycling via Container Recycling Institute
Pink supports the global water crisis via Blue Planet Run

If you're in need of a reuseable water container, consider picking a cause that is closest to your heart (or simply your favorite color, since each cause is extremely worthy) and snap up Kor's donation offer. Kor One bottles are a top pick for TreeHuggers, among several other options, and they're BPA-free, of course.

Check out Kor One to pick out your water bottle and support water issues.

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