Johns Hopkins Launches Magazine Focused on Global Water Issues

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Considering we're diving into Blue August -- our month of intensive focus on all things water related -- we're excited to see that Johns Hopkins University has also taken a keen interest in global water issues and created a platform for discussion. The world-renowned university has launched a magazine centered entirely around topics like ownership and rights to water, emerging technologies for purification, and how experts will shape the future of our water supplies over the next 40 years. Available online, the magazine published its first issue earlier this week, and it is chock full of great articles that make for interesting reading to anyone who enjoys sipping a glass of clean water. The Global Water Magazine's first issue is themed on "Water challenges and solutions for the next decade" and includes articles such as:

Imperatives for Urban Water Professionals on the Pathway to 2050
Water Rights and Human Rights: The Poor Will Not Need Our Charity if We Need Their Water
10 Years from Now--Rethinking Water Supply Management in the Developing World
The Energy-Water Nexus: Finding Solutions in the Balance

The magazine hopes to get people inspired and energized about important water issues and "turn these ideas in print into projects on the ground." If you're at all interested in water issues, definitely check out this new resource. And of course, also check out our in-depth coverage during Blue August of everything from water conflicts to conservation.

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