Hypocrisy, thy name is Charles Philip Arthur George

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TreeHugger Bonnie has written so much about how green and sustainable Prince Charles and his Duchy Originals are. (see related links to the left) He is a big supporter of local food, and according to the Guardian, " recently attacked the global food industry over the problems caused "when we ship vast quantities of commodities halfway round the world"."

So it is a bit of a surprise to find that he a) actually bottles water in the first place, and b) lets the stuff get shipped to and sold in Dubai, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. The (republican) Guardian is shocked.

Environmentalists have called for the prince to bring the trade to an immediate halt. "Shipping bottles of water around the world is completely insane," said Craig Bennett, director of policy and campaigns at Friends of the Earth. "It is absolutely ludicrous when there is perfectly good drinking water in the Middle East. It is very hard to dress up shipping water thousands of miles as helping the environment."

To be fair to the Prince, the exports of Duchy products is part of a deal with grocery chain Waitrose, and it is likely that the Prince isn't even aware of it. Another environmentalist is quoted:

Jeanette Longfield, co-ordinator of Sustain, a campaign for sustainable food policies, said shipping water was "lunacy". "Once this is drawn to Prince Charles's attention I would hope he will decide this is not a good idea," she said.

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Hypocrisy, thy name is Charles Philip Arthur George
The Prince of Wales' food company says "We aim for the smallest environmental footprint", then it ships bottled water to Dubai.

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