Hydroponics for the Holidays

Here's a gift for those who'd like to get started with hydroponics. The TurboGarden is a complete hydroponics system in a compact container. It has a 2' by 3' growing area, and a large 25 gallon nutrient reservoir which contains a mineral rich nutrient solution. Periodically, the nutrient solution is pumped up to the top grow tray to water and nourish the plants until the grow media and roots are adequately hydrated. The timer will then shut off the pump, and the solution drains back to the reservoir. The process starts all over again in a few minutes or a few hours later. To maintain the hydrogarden, simply top off water, add nutrients at one quarter strength, adjust pH to 6.0 and change reservoir every few weeks.

You can choose from three methods of growing: Aeroponics, Top Feed and Ebb & Flow. It's priced at about $250. There's also a smaller version, called the MicroGarden which is priced at around $170.

See also the Streamgarden, which we featured previously.

:: Gardening Shop or Planet Natural