How You Can Help Create A Documentary Investigating Polluted Water

Filmmaker Luis Trueba has his sights set on a new project: traveling the country and digging deeper into the problems of how polluted water is impacting people and ecosystems. He writes, "Hundreds of documentaries have been done about water pollution showing statistics and information. Can you remember one documentary about water pollutants? Most likely not. What filmmakers fail to do is show the faces of the true victims... This is not another statistics documentary. We are showing the human side to the problems and the path it will lead us." To make such an investigative documentary, Trueba needs support, which is why he's launched a Kickstarter campaign that you can take part in. Trueba needs to raise $15,000 in 87 days to have enough funding for his project. The money will be use for equipment, a crew, food and hotel accommodations, and travel expenses.

"It is expected that the topic of water pollution come to public view only when water pollutants reach a critical level. At that point it will be late and little to nothing could be done. We forget who this is really affecting. The sad part is we drink from these contaminated lakes and rivers unaware how much harm we are doing to ourselves. We will travel the country searching for stories of people being affected by contaminated unsafe water. Believe me there are thousands across the country..."

It sounds like an interesting project, and one you can help support even on a small scale through Kickstarter.

Kickstarter funds are not turned over to the person unless the entire amount is raised by the due date, so you don't run the risk of lending money to a project that will never get off the ground.

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