Hope To Others: Bottled Water with a Cause


H to O (Hope to Others) says that tapping into just one percent of the 35 billion dollars spent on bottled water, and donating 100% of the profits to feed the hungry, house the needy and restore the environment would be a good thing. "Together we can change the world... one sip at a time". Founded by film director Tom Shadyac, he models the idea after Paul Newman and Newman's Own. The water comes from a spring high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains "fed by snowmelt from the higher elevations." Unfortunately we post this on the same day we finished reading Elizabeth Kolbert's "Notes from a Catastrophe" and our note to Tom is- if we keep trucking water and packing it in plastic bottles and shipping them around the world there won't be any snowmelt from higher elevations. Notwithstanding your donations to the poor and needy, the best first step to restoring the environment is to stop drinking bottled water. ::Htoo