Home Water Tanker Wins G-mark Award

Home Water Tanker.jpg
Here's an idea for the do-it-yourselfers. This design was a winner of the Good Design (G-mark)Ecology design prize recently announced. This system collects rainwater and stores it in 10 easily handled 10L containers. The water can be used for gardening and other non-potable uses routinely, but in case of loss of water supply due to disaster could supply a source of water of acceptable quality for emergency drinking water. Don't say we did't warn you though: the joints between the tanks and the pipes are tricky. Winning designer, Toshihiko Ikarashi, had to take several goes at it before finding the solution that worked. We'd love to tell those of you still nursing the wounds of your last D-I-Y project where to buy one, but we can't find it either: let us in on it if you know.