Hey, Kids! Here's The New, Cool Drink: Bottled Water


Having TreeHugger, church groups and politicians going medieval on them doesn't stop the bottled water industry from fighting back with new ways to keep pumping and bottling. Nestle is learning from the cereal makers that you should get'em while they are young. It has introduced Aquapod, aimed at children 6 to 12 years old, part of a campaign to increase consumption of smaller, more profitable bottles. According to Brand Week, "It's a big land rush now that carbonated soft drinks are getting the boot from schools," said Gerry Khermouch, editor at Beverage Business Insights, West Nyack, N.Y. "What's tricky is there's a dual target: you want to offer something kids want to be seen with while also getting past moms." ::Brand Week and ::Aquapod


Not only that, but they have the chutzpah to greenwash themselves with the new Eco-shape bottle. Rider at Sustainable is Good tells us:

The new bottle uses less plastic and is ergonomically designed to be more easy to carry. Nestle debuted the bottle with its Ozarka and Arrowhead brands already and is working to transition its other brands to the bottle this year.

The half liter Eco-shape uses 30% less plastic than bottles currently available on the market. The new bottle weighs 12.5 grams which is 15% less than other similar bottles. Nestle estimates it may save 65 million pounds of plastic resin each year by using Eco-shape.

The new bottle also uses less paper because the label size was reduced. The company has removed color from the cap making it more recyclable as well.

But that doesn't reduce the number of empties littering our road, or the fact that they are still selling snake oil. ::Sustainable is Good

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