Heavy Rain Kills in UK, Pakistan and Bangladesh

The UK has seen an incredible amount of rain, in a very short time. One sixth of the average annual rainfall in 24 hours - the tragic results are obvious; massive flooding, huge property damage and several deaths. In other parts of the world there is more unusual weather causing problems. In Pakistan flooding killed 200, and more rain in Bangledesh killed 100 when it caused heavy mudslides.

Can this extraordinary weather be attributed to climate change? Obviously, we can say if it's a direct result, but it is plain to see that this weather is extremely unusual. Many researchers agree that rainfall is likely to increase die to climate change, and with many parts of England as low as they are we should be paying close attention.

The Fire Brigades Union described the rescue effort in the UK as the 'biggest in peacetime Britain', with 3,500 people being rescued in recent days. BBC weather forecaster Jay Wynne believes that some areas could see another 2 inches of rain at the weekend, so the situation is far from over. "Today it's a pretty reasonable day. One or two light showers. There will be some rain overnight. The main event is going to be this weekend. There will be plenty of wet, windy weather across the country on Saturday. It could be quite nasty." ::BBC

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