Happy World Water Day! 22 Key Stories for Understanding Water Issues

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Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch

Today is World Water Day -- a day to appreciate the water that comes out of your tap, and to get knowledgeable about world water issues. We cover water issues on TreeHugger often so it's easy to miss some of the stories as they zoom by. But don't despair, we're helping you out! Here is a short list of the best reading from the last few months that will help you catch up on the biggest stories and more important news regarding water. Scan through these and consider yourself ready for hearty conversation about the future of our fresh water supplies. First of all, if you haven't read this post, you definitely want to start here -- it covers everything we need to consider about water as our population rises to 7 billion people this year: Will 7 Billion People Make Us Smarten Up About Water? A Look at Technology, Supplies, and Politics
Water & Scarcity
Ancient Megadroughts in American Southwest Area a Snapshot of Area's Dry Future
Climate Change to Worsen Severe Water Shortages in US Southwest
California Farmers Face Frightening Water Debt During Drought
Water & Politics
Drought-Hit Syria Creates Model 'Water Scarcity' Park
California's Regulators Turn Blind Eye to Groundwater Pollution From Dairies
Will Congress Stop Spending $860,000 Annually on Bottled Water?
China Spending $30 Billion on Water Conservation Next Year
Water & Pollution
Exploiting Groundwater in Southern Asia Could Have Poisonous Effects
Even More Coal Ash Poison Found in Drinking Water
Water & Kids
First Bottled Water Free University for Australia
California Schools Now Required To Give Kids Water With Lunch
Water & Business
Will Public-Private Partnerships Save Our Crumbling Water Infrastructure?
Potty Trained Pigs Cut Waste Water by 80%
TED Talk: Blue is the New Green As Water Footprints Enter The Economy
Frog's Leap Winery: Saves 10 Million Gallons of Water a Year with Dry-Farming
Water & Technology
Smart Water Meter Market Expected to Skyrocket to $4.2 Billion
Chemist Discovers a Non-Prank Use for Banana Peels
Red Cross Uses Solar-Powered Pumps to Increase Water Access in Sudan
How Smart Metering Can Solve the Water Crisis

We also completed a roundup of the top water stories from 2010, so you'll want to check that out as well. It's a quick, interesting read: What About Water?: The Year In Review

And finally, to stay on top of water news, be sure to bookmark our Peak Water page where our latest water-related stories can be found: Water Crisis News on TreeHugger
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