GreenPlumbers Plunge In


Some years ago, the Master Plumbers Association set up a one year trial scheme to educate their members on how best to install the likes of solar hot water systems. When it launched, Vin Ebejer, the association's director of training services,commented, "I have been in the industry for 16 years and apart from our GST [Good and Services Tax] education program this is the most meaningful project our industry has ever sought to undertake." The very successful GreenPlumbers training program has since spread around Australia, and now encompasses water conservation, greywater systems and greenhouse gas emission reductions amongst many other aspects. Nation-wide over 3,800 plumbers have completed one or more of the accredited training courses. Part of their job is not only the installation of water/heating/cooling devices, but also advising customers of the correct use and best means to achieve swift payback on their investment. In many instances the installation will be eligible for a government or industry rebate. We're unsure if the training advises on prevention of 'plumbers crack'. We can only live in hope. Try their online registry to find out. ::GreenPlumbers.