GreenBuild: The Rainwater Pillow

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TreeHugger loves the idea of rainwater harvesting and has shown quite a few solutions for storing it; they are usually big tanks that are either buried or quite visible above grade. They are also as big when they are empty as they are when filled.

Jim Harrington takes another approach; he invented the rainwater pillow, a flexible bladder that expands to hold rainwater. It is available in sizes from 1,000 to 40,000 gallons.

Because it is flexible and doesn't take up much space when empty, it can be installed under decks and in crawl spaces. It also costs a lot less to ship. But is it as durable? Jim says yes, and backs it with a ten year warranty. The website says:

The Original Rainwater Pillow comes with a 10 year manufacture warranty for Ultra violet radiation exposure, is exceedingly durable and shows excellent resistance to ruptures, abrasions and leaks. It has also been shown to be impervious to rodents – in 30 years of experience using these pillows in crawlspaces, under decks, in yards and a wide variety of other spaces that rodents tend to like, our manufacturer has never seen any rodent damage. And neither have we.

It is made from reinforced polymer alloy – the heavy duty industrial fabric commonly used by the military and fire departments. Additionally, all seams are radio frequency welded, which means that we use electromagnetic energy to heat and bond materials together under pressure, ensuring strong, leak-proof seams.

It is severe-weather tolerant, able to sustain extreme temperatures, ranging from -30° to +160° Fahrenheit.

Neat idea from Rainwater Pillow
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