GreenBuild: Gray Water Goes Under the Counter

sloan gray water system photo

Two years ago, TreeHugger Christine called the AQUS Watersaver:

"the epitomy of American ingenuity. Bothered from a young age by the tragic waste of water flowing down the sink drain, Mark Sanders repeatedly dreamed of a system to collect that water and reuse it."

We met Mark Sanders at Greenbuild, with what is now known as the Sloan AQUS Watersaver. This is the kind of progress we like to see; an guy with a dream and a glue gun but limited distribution gets to tie up with a major.

The Press release describes the relationship:

WaterSaver Technologies, an innovator of water-saving devices, and Sloan Valve Company, a global leader in water-efficient plumbing products and systems, have joined forces to provide greywater technology to the commercial/residential marketplace. The partnership will leverage WaterSaver's water-saving products, and Sloan's proven market leadership, best practices and distribution channels. Together, WaterSaver Technologies and Sloan will provide the industry with water re-usability to help maximize water-efficiency solutions.

Mark Sanders, Chairman of WaterSaver Technologies states, "Our AQUS® greywater system was based on the concept that using fresh water to flush the toilet is both unnecessary and wasteful. This new system conserves fresh water by filtering, disinfecting and reusing water from the bathroom sink to flush the toilet. Sloan's position in the industry will bring much needed attention to this low maintenance, low cost, and highly effective water-saving solution."

Congratulations to Mark, and to Sloan. If such ideas are going to get widespread distribution, a respected name helps. AQUS Watersaver

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