Gray Water: Safe, Legal and Permitted Water Recycling (Video)

Image credit: Huber Solutions (this is not the system shown in the video).
How to Recycle Gray Water Legally
Lloyd has already written about the Gray Water Guerrilla movement - a loose [thanks for the typo alert Yoshash!] alliance of activists dedicated to installing clandestine water recycling solutions. Yet while some innovative companies are offering gray water package units, many people are still struggling against restrictive building codes, sceptical local officials, and nervous neighbors. Luckily, there are people like Trathen Heckman in Sonoma County California who are fighting the battle for the rest of us - getting a fully permitted graywater system built in the center of suburbia. Click below the fold for an excellent video from Peak Moment TV, in which Trathen explains how his system was built, and perhaps more importantly, how he got permission to do it. To some degree, scepticism around gray water is totally understandable. We have been flushing our water and waste away so long, people find it hard to imagine a different way of doing things. That's why projects like Trathen's are so important - not only did he get his system built and permitted, but he also put on workshops for public officials, architects and fellow gray water enthusiasts - allowing his project to seed a greater understanding of intelligent water management. (Information about 2009 tours and workshops should be appearing on Daily Acts' website soon.)

Now Trathen's system is fairly complex and intricate compared to some of the more clandestine projects I've seen - but it is designed to be long lasting, low maintenance and easy to use. Heck, it's also designed to be legal, which is a pretty important thing!

Don't forget to look below the video too for more links about gray water.

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