Good Magazine on Drugs in Your Drink: Don't Let It Drive You To the Bottle

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Good Magazine looks at the issue of drugs in your drinking water, with one of their trademark wonderful graphics. It is a well from which TreeHugger has drunk deep, but always with a worry: that people might become afraid of tap water and switch to bottled water to avoid the antibiotics. No matter that much bottled water is just tap water, or that spring water might be full of the same sort of chemicals from agricultural runoff.


Nonetheless, we will risk it by linking to some of our posts on the subject, to allay any fears that readers might have:

All the webs are abuzz about an Associated Press study that found pharmaceuticals in drinking water. Our resident chemist didn't think much of it (it is all old news to TreeHuggers) and concluded: "Thanks a lot AP, for handing a dopey talking point over to the bottled water marketers." Drugs Are In Our Water! Should I Switch to Bottled?

We mentioned earlier this week that trace amounts of prescription drug residues in some drinking water supplies are no reason to go for the bottled water, and that off-the-shelf technologies are capable of removing most unwanted drug residues from municipal effluents and tap water, respectively. Milwaukee, Wisconsin makes a good case study. Milwaukee Brews Drug Free Tap Water: With Ozone

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Organic. Bottled. Water. Because nothing says regular tap water like "antibiotics, growth hormones, synthetic pesticides and genetic modification." Right? Are You Kidding Us, Safeway?

Here's the marketing hook. It's true that bottled water is generally sourced from wells ("springs" in marketing talk) and is filtered to remove organics. If you live in the "other half," - the part of the population that relies on treated surface water for drinking - does that mean you should you be buying bottled water to prevent a hazardous exposure? No. Trace Pharmaceuticals in Water Supply Not a Good Reason to Drink Bottled Water

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