Global Warming Beer: Greenland Brews with Melting Ice Cap


We already know that climate change is affecting whiskey production in a bad way; happily (sort of) there's now more alcohol being made to offset the loss. A brewery in Greenland is producing beer using water melted from the island's ice cap. They claim that the water is over 2,000 years old, and free of minerals and pollutants, which makes sense considering that it's been locked up as ice and is now springing forth as a result of our warming globe. The beer is made in the first ever Inuit microbrewery, and the whole scenario seems somewhat reminiscent of the old "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade" adage; in this case, perhaps something like "when life gives you global warming, make beer" is more applicable. Those who've tasted the beer claime that the Greenland brew, officially launched in Copenhagen this past Monday, has a softer, cleaner taste than other beers, because of the ice cap water. We aren't crazy about the global-warming profiteering, but if Greenland is going to melt, at least people will be having a good time. ::BBC via ::Boing Boing