Flood Maps: View Sea Level Rise


As the earth's ice caps continue to melt rising water levels are a global threat. If you find it hard to wrap your head around the concept, don't worry, you are not alone. In response to this issue Alex Tingle, an accomplished programmer, created Flood Maps. Users can adjust the sea level in 1 meter increments up to 14 and observe the consequences of the rise for coastal areas around the world. The model is based on data from NASA and uses the Google's mapping API which gives the application a familiar and easy-to-use interface. Alex says, "I'm more interested in alerting people to the certain consequences of current global warming than on indulging people's fascination with science-fiction scenarios." His model tends to err on the optimistic side to avoid being labeled alarmist. In the hope that it will help get the message about rising sea levels and climate change beyond "its Internet ghetto, into pubs and workplaces" Alex is currently working on a system that would allow people to turn the maps into images on T-shirts.

Want to help spread the message by incorporating Flood Maps into your website? Here's how. :: Wired Magazine :: Flood Maps

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