Filmmakers Wanted to Showcase Water Problems at Istanbul Forum

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With up to 2 billion of the world's people lacking adequate access to water and $500 billion changing hands annually in global water markets, it's no wonder that "water is the new oil" has become a popular buzz-phrase--almost to the point of cliché. But without a dramatic visual representation of the issues involved--a dried-up Aral Sea, violent protests in Bolivia--it's hard to get people focused on something we so often take for granted.Raising the profile of water problems, especially those related to supply, sanitation, and hygiene, is one of the goals of the International "Water and Film" Events, the next installment of which will be held in Istanbul at the Fifth World Water Forum, which runs from March 16-22, 2009. Video entries in a variety of categories--including one for short subjects by filmmakers aged 17 to 30--are being accepted until November 2. Some 100 film and clips will be screened at forum sessions, and at related events in Istanbul, and a selection of films will be submitted to the Istanbul International Film Festival in April.

Istanbul is no stranger to water issues, with 25 percent of its water lost or stolen through leaky pipes and illegal usage and low reservoir levels a regular concern. At the beginning of June, reservoirs were only 38.64 percent full--a greater than 50 percent decrease from 2006 levels. The summer saw some scheduled water cuts to homes and businesses, though fewer than many had feared when they greeted the scarce winter rains with a relieved, "Good, maybe now I'll be able to shower next summer!" Via: "Forum calls for videos on sanitation, hygiene," IJNet

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