Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver Sells Water Bottles, Promotes Tap Water

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It is bright, sunny and beautiful in Vancouver, the sun is reflecting off all that snow and the air is cool and dry. People can get dehydrated in those conditions and often reach for a bottle of water. But at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel, people have an option: Fresh mountain water, in bottles now for sale beside the bottled, imported stuff. As a chain, Fairmont is usually ahead of the pack on environmental issues, and the manager says "Our research shows that, on average, a guest produces one kilogram of waste each night, mostly composed of beverage and paper product, so we continue to look for ways to reduce waste and identify opportunities." -both financial and environmental.

The City of Vancouver is promoting the campaign, to reduce waste and promote their water, among the world's best tap water. Tim Stevenson, the Chair of Metro Vancouver's Water Committee and a City of Vancouver Councillor, says in a press release:

"We are piloting this visitor-oriented campaign at one hotel, but intend to roll it out in hotels throughout the region after the Olympics. Our Tap Water Campaign focus this year is to make municipal tap water the first choice for everyone throughout the region."

Tipster and TreeHugger emeritus Ruben says:

Imagine the entire Fairmont chain offering reusable bottles along side the damn Fiji and Evian. This could access an untouched demographic.

It isn't like the hotel is giving the bottles away and losing a source of revenue; they are selling them. Imagine if they didn't sell the Fiji at all. But just giving people the choice- that is a real step forward.

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