Don't Spike the Punch

John notes that the Great Lakes mayors and governors are getting serious about protecting this priceless resource; In addition to making certain that it isn't all piped to Las Vegas we also have to keep it clean. Many cities are on "closed loop" systems where waste goes into and drinking water comes out of the same water. We have noted before that antibiotics and gender-bender hormones are being dumped in huge quantities and that the water treatment plants can't remove them; besides what goes through our bodies, people also dump expired or unneeded medications down the toilet.

The Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant (IISG) has put together a terrific resource for communities that want to look at medicine collection programs. There is a good explanation of the issue, materials for public outreach, a good bibliography, and even a powerpoint overview of the issue. Get your community's water off its meds at ::Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant

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