Donate Your Social Media Voice for World Water Week

Got followers? Think the global water crisis needs a bigger voice? You can help by loaning some of your social media updates to help raise awareness for World Water Day!

Some people think tweeting and updating your Facebook status is either a waste of time or just another way to tell your friends what you're having for lunch, but the fact is, social media is a powerful tool. When you get a compelling message in front of an engaged audience, they are likely to take action and then turn around and share that message even more.

So as we approach World Water Day this Thursday, think about donating some of your social media updates to a very worthy cause: the global safe drinking water crisis.

"World Water Day is held every March 22. Recognized by the United Nations and the global community, World Water Day reminds us that much of the world still faces a global water, sanitation and hygiene crisis, and that it is our urgent obligation to act. A coalition of diverse US-based groups is calling for increased commitments by the US government and private citizens to reduce poverty, disease and hunger by helping to improve sustainable access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation for many millions around the world."

Find out how to lend your voice here: World Water Day.

Donate Your Social Media Voice for World Water Week
Help amplify the message of the global water crisis by lending your social media updates to World Water Day 2012

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