DIY Seawater Desalination by Delicious Lady and Grandson (Video)

Image of DIY Water Desalination Project Video

Directed by David Valero for the Spanish eco-short-films festival La Luciernaga fundida, this video shows how a grandmother and grandson desalinate seawater at home.

The short film is called 'Mi abuela MarĂ­a' (My grandma Maria), and shows a technique that's used at high sea and in developing countries to obtain clean water from the ocean.

As you can see, the process involves only a bucket, some plastic film, a small rock and a glass to collect the clean water.

Even for those of us who enjoy clean drinking water from the tap, if you weren't familiar with this technique it's an interesting watch and DIY project, and the video is so sweet it's worth the minute.

Via Veo Verde
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