Cute Animation Explains Why Smarter Water Use Is... Smart (Video)

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Image via Smarter Planet video

It might seem obvious that we need to be more intelligent with our water use. So obvious that the smart water technologies market is projected to be a $16.3 billion industry by 2020. But what does smartening up our water systems entail? This great little video explains just how we're being dumb with our water, why we need to smarten up, and some savvy areas where we can get started making changes.

Created by Smarter Planet Australia, the video shows the potential for what we can accomplish if we think more logically about our antiquated water systems.

From Smarter Planet:

Many people believe it's cheap and abundant. But due to our current water management systems, one in five people on the planet do not have adequate access to safe, clean drinking water.

Though the total amount of water on this planet has never changed, the nature of that water is changing. Everything from where rain falls to the chemical makeup of the oceans is in flux. And these changes are forcing us to ask some very difficult questions about how and where we live and do business.

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