Cool Interactive Map Shows Water Stressed Areas Over Next 60 Years

water stressed areas by 2070 image

This is just a screen grab from the BBC site where you can actually plan around with the map. Yes, all those red areas will be under extreme water stress by 2070. Image: BBC News

Ever want to know how population growth, industrialization and global warming are going to make water an ever more precious commodity in different parts of the world? Over on the BBC News site there’s a cool map which shows you just how much less water will be available per person in the coming years, throughout large swaths of the planet. This is how the map was created:Researchers at the University of Kassel in Germany used a climate change model developed by the UK Met Office Hadley Centre to predict changes in temperature and rainfall. These were combined with project water use by various sectors of the economy. This was then used to calculate how much water was available per person.

Parts of US Will Be Hit as Hard as Africa
Think this sort of thing is confined to someplace over there? Look closely (well maybe you have to see the original larger version...), the New York metro area, much of England, northern France, and the Netherlands will similar levels of water availability as Delhi, Khartoum, and Timbuktu.

via: BBC News
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